16/05/2018 This blog saved my life a long time ago. I started it in 2009 and blogged commentary (mostly in poetry) which lead to my emancipation from cultural conformity and then an eventual career as a freelance opinion writer, essayist and journalist. In 2016, after 80,000 visits, I closed the blog to focus on my opinion writing. However, times have changed today. Journalism is dying. And so the need for this blog to be woken from the dead has become apparent to me. And so I find myself back here, again.

Why don’t you piss in my mouth? / Γιατί δε μου κατουράς μέσα στο στόμα? (poem)

This poem is response to the product "Body Jane" which received EU funding. The product can be purchased as a drink bottle or a urinal. You can read more about it here in English or Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες κάντε κλικ εδώ here in Greek. This isn't the first time this has happened. In 2012, a [...]

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Tell It Like It Is: SEXPO confessions of a Greek poet

When I was twenty-three I attended SEXPO for the first time as a married woman and it was my first experience of seeing sex other than the sin/purity teachings of the Greek Orthodox religion. So attending SEXPO as an author and divorced woman many years later is my way of giving back at a grassroots [...]

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Tell it like it is: How political correctness strangled Amy Schumer

I am so over political correctness. It’s like a sea of words I keep drowning in. You got to appear to be the ‘correct’ kind of feminist or they’ll all come for you – and by ‘they’ I mean, feminists. It’s happened to me many times, that’s how I know. I went to see the film [...]

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Tell it like it is: Is it more than creative energy that draws us to other creatives?

Last night, I attended the reunion show for local Melbourne band Trial Kennedy. The band, headed by Tim Morrison, who was on The Voice AU in 2013, broke up the year prior to this, amicably, after many years of touring and recording. On stage last night, guitarist Stacey Gray said they had their first gig [...]

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Tell it like it is: How the media has changed and why I have decided to re-open my blog

Prior to my career as an opinion writer / journalist in Australia, which began four years ago, I ran a successful poetic blog. My poems were political and a kind of social commentary and activism. But with this new demand for my opinion writing, I decided to close my blog’s doors. I was getting one [...]

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