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[one_half last=”yes”]In 2012,UK singer/songwriter, Melopmeni, was visiting Melbourne during the Antipodes Writers Festival. Melpomeni was born in Australia to Greek migrants but lives in the UK. Melpomeni saw Koraly performing and asked if she could send Koraly some of her music. Koraly was instantly captured by her music. They agreed to do a show together on her Australian visit in 2013.

Supported by Antipodes, the pair performed together at the Toff In Town, Koraly doing her poetry and Melpomeni playing and singing her music. As part of this event, Melpomeni created music to two of Koraly’s poems, Temple and Surrender. A Greek translation to ‘Surrender’ was also put to music. They recorded at Easy Tiger Studios in Preston. The songs are yet to be released to the public. Koraly also used an instrumental version to Melpomeni’s song Swim in her film How to get a fuck as part of the Good Greek Girl Film Project. The pair plan to collaborate again in the future.[/one_half]