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Good-Greek-Girl-72Welcome to my blog of poetry, non-fiction, and whatever random words come out of my mouth. This is a dynamic blog, which means content doesn’t stay here for eternity. Nothing lasts forever. Have fun searching through my brain.

18/07/2016 I have decided, after much thought, that I would like to close my blog indefinitely. I have been blogging since 2009! This blog has helped me so much. Having somewhere to voice my opinions! In this time I have had 80,000 visits. WOW! I may reopen it again, who knows. I will keep one or two old pieces active and change them around. But if you want more of my current writing, you can view links to my published opinion pieces here. I also share short poems on my Instagram here. Thanks everyone who commented and made my blog what it was, and encouraged me to find my voice. Thank you!