It was excruciating at the start

You had barely stopped nursing at my breast
You cried for me when I was away from you,
you cried for your dad when you were away from him,
I’d go from one embrace to the next
searching for love like yours,
Have a breakdown every time –
The pain was so bad I wanted to die,
like ripping your foetus from my womb

It was very difficult at the start

But tears dry over time, my baby, don’t they?
Scars scab
Only we know what it’s like,
to have to force your mind to stop thinking about cuddling
to have to force your mind to stop thinking about laughing together
to have to force your mind to stop worrying if you’re okay without me
It’s easier not to think about it and keep busy until next time
Try and finish all the work and chores before next time

But our weekly reunions, they are like fireworks in the sky!
We shut out the world and hold on tight
We’ve only got a few more days of our special time
Before we have to break away again
It goes so fast, where has it gone?
Just one more day, life, just one more day, time
Our hearts, sewn together so tight
Unstitching is painful and takes time

But tears dry over time, don’t they, my tween?
Sewing skills are mastered
No longer a baby anymore,
you’re starting to set up your own life now
Friends and boys and school and fun
We are like besties now
We talk about everything
Our dreams and our fears,
Our hopes and our sorrows,
I get to travel more now that you’re older
I get to pursue my career and my dreams
We Skype every day and chat and laugh and
say how much we miss each other
You say that I’m cute and that I inspire you
& that you’ll be just fine, not to worry

& I know this, I know

Because we’ve learned to be away from one another

Photo Passionate Tongues Poetry Reading, 2013. Photo Michael Reynolds