Most of Melbourne is depressed

Most of Melbourne is depressed

Most of Melbourne is depressed
and why wouldn’t we be?
We only got just a handful of beach days
last summer, and the summer before that
and the summer before that
Why do people come here, I don’t get it?
Yes, we have a thriving night scene
Art coming out of every one of our pores
But we don’t have the essentials!
We don’t have the sunshine!
And when it happens to make an appearance
we scrummage for it like it’s lost treasure
(look, look what I found, I found sun!
quick, come outside, quick!)

People from all over Australia
come and live here, people from Perth!
I say, stay over there in your sunshine
Save yourself! Don’t come here!
It’s so cold and miserable here
you just want to step out onto the street
and have a car flatten you or something
Or like people from Brissy! Why would you?
Why would you do it? Don’t do it!

Most of Melbourne is depressed
because many of us came from somewhere else
people off the boat, too many wogs
Both my parents were born in Cyprus
therefore all of my DNA is Cypriot
and my body, my brain, is not meant for this climate
it needs long, extended doses of natural vitamin d
so it gets depressed and doesn’t want to extend past tomorrow
My DNA cannot acclimatise to misery and sorrow
It is meant to be enjoying summer 80% of the year

And where Sydney Road Brunswick is
in relation to my house, along that strip
there is meant to be a long stretch of Mediterranean sea
and I am meant to be elongating my bikini wearing body there
dreaming and believing in fairytale love
because my heart is Cypriot
and Cyprus is the island of Aphrodite
and everyone is in love instead of having
a virus which lasts two weeks where you are in bed
and the guy you are seeing doesn’t want a relationship
and has flown off to Ireland while you sit
and wait for him to come back even though
you know he isn’t the right guy for you
no guy can possibly be after your divorce
and so you analyse everything
and drive yourself nuts
because you are a wog
and you are not meant to be living here
you are meant to be living in Cyprus
but it’s not as if your problems
are going to eradicate
if you get over there
there’ll be fresh ones
because to them
you are an Aussie
and always will be
so either way
you are screwed!

This week catch me on radio 3cr 855 on your am dial at 9am on Thursday 31st for Spoken Word with Paul Kooperman and Maxine Clarke and on Sunday 3rd June 12-5pm at the Emerging Writers Festival Page Parlour, The Atrium, Federation Square selling Love and Fuck Poems also I’ll also be sneaking into open mic event during the day at Future Bookshop, NGV Studio to perform a poem. Hope to see you there!

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  • Oh so true, so true – I escaped over 35 years ago – never looked back 🙂 … tony

  • Koraly this is the best poem I have read a long time. This is brilliant. It has true depth. Introspection, reflection and you really address the ennui of the Metropolis very well. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Do you have a recording of this? Would love to read this out on my show this week i love it.

    • Hi James, thanks! I just wrote it tonight but I may be able to get a recording for you soon. Not this week but maybe next. Cheers, Koraly

  • Hello K! I can relate to this. Having made the Mel to Bris move early 2012, it is astounding to me that I never considered it previously. Much better weather is just one part of it of course 🙂
    Like James, I like the ennui explored in this one. It is a great one that has personal microcosm against the city’s macrocosm. Like hugely 🙂

  • I really enjoyed this piece, Korally. I think it nicely sums up the idea that dissatisfaction with the external circumstance leads to the assertion of individuality and self-identification. Are individuality and self-identification different things? I believe so.

    • Yes, Brad, I think they are, but I am not saying that my life problems would suddenly be ‘solved’ in i were in cyprus either. a friend of mine made an interesting comment about that on facebook and in light of it I might edit the last stanza a little. The poems I put up on my blog are always first draft and I edit them as I go.

  • oops! sorry about that extra ‘l’, Koraly.